I have always believed that as a middle-aged man with a wife and children, making money to support my family is the most important thing in life.
Until a month ago, I had an illness.

That morning, after being awakened as usual by the seven o’clock alarm clock, I opened my eyes from my lethargy.
But the moment I struggled to get up, I suddenly felt sick, my throat hurt like pins and needles, and I couldn’t speak, and I felt weak.
I touched my head and was clearly feverish.
Thinking of the epidemic that had been spreading, I felt an inexplicable panic, and immediately grabbed a mask from the cupboard and put it on, for fear of spreading the disease to my family.
When I told my wife about my situation, she panicked and told me that she had just touched her child’s forehead and found that he also had a fever.
We looked at each other for a moment, unable to tell whether it was me who had infected the child or the child who had infected me. Immediately I took the child and rushed to the hospital.
After describing my symptoms and my child’s symptoms to the medical staff at the registration desk, I was quickly asked to take a nucleic acid test.
Then blood was drawn, injections were given, medication was prescribed… and the process was complete. After a series of procedures, it was already noon.
But I couldn’t let go of the hospital, swiping my phone every half hour to check the nucleic acid test results, until the next day, when I was finally relieved to see that both of our new coronary nucleic acid tests had come back negative.

The diagnosis was later learned that a very common group A group B hemolytic streptococcal infection was causing our fever.

It is primarily spread through airborne droplets and sometimes a simple sneeze can infect others.
Eventually, with antibiotics, my child and I were finally cured, but it also severely impacted my work process as well as a costly medical bill.

It was then that I really began to address the issue of family health.
After all, health is the capital of the revolution, and only when you are well can you start a family.
Now, it’s getting to be autumn, flu outbreak season is approaching, and experts are predicting a second peak of the epidemic in the fall and winter.
Having already experienced the lesson once, I would love to have a product that can help us solve our family’s health problems and give us a preventive shot.

Because I work in international trade, I knew about this one product that effectively kills germs. I never thought I could install it myself. It’s also easy to use and can be installed directly into the air conditioner, indirectly converting the air conditioner into a more effective air purifier.

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