Differences of

Disposable Mask / Surgical Mask/ Medical Mask/N95 Respirators/KN95 Respirators/FFP2 Respirators

(Newest, update on April 19, 2020)

So many masks, which to buy?

For basic protection(home use, office use, workshop use, stores use, etc), N95/KN95/FFP2/P2 and disposable masks are all okay.

(Note: N95/KN95/ FFP2/P2 Mask also called N95/KN95/ FFP2/P2 Respirators)

Which is the most economical and cheap?- Disposable mask

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A. What is N95/KN95/FFP2/P2?

N95 (US use, filter 95%)≈ KN95(China use,filter 95%) ≈FFP2/P2( Europe use ,filter 94%)
Fit for home use/office use. (Hospital use Medical N95) .

B. What is Disposable mask/Surgical mask/Medical mask? What is the difference?

1. Disposable mask is for home /office /some public basic protection.
Surgical mask= Medical mask
Fit for hospital use

1) Producing environment is different.
Disposable mask is no strict requirements for the manufacturing environment
Surgical/medical mask made in Class 100,000 cleanroom, so it fit for hospital use
2)main raw material price is different.
Disposable mask usually use 95 meltblown nonwovens
Surgical/Medical mask use 99 meltblown nonwovens
99 meltblown price = 4 times of 95 meltblown nonwoven


N95/KN95/FFP2 mask> Surgical/medical masks> dispossable mask

D.Is 3M necessary?

3M is just a brand of protective products. Mask is one of its products.
Just like Apple is just a phone brand, there are other phone brands available such as Huawei, XiaoMi, Oppo, Vivo, etc.

E. Delivery time
Disposable mask is the fastest.

F. I also see some masks with valves, what is that?

Usually N100/FFP3 mask ( filter 99.97%) with the valve. This mask is quicker and easier to exhale air than the non-valved type.
But if the wearer is ill, the valve will mean that their out-breath / coughs/sneezes will make their way through the mask, and into the air, without filtering.

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G. What is certificate CE, FDA? 

CE is the EU standard.

FDA is US standard.