How to verify CE? (NEWEST, 04192020 )

-Necessary skill when import masks from China.

Quick skill

Step1. remember two standards

Disposable mask: EU2016/425 (PPE), EN149:2001+A1:2009

Medical mask/respirators: 93/42/EEC(MDD), EU2017/745(MDR), EN14683

Step 2. verify NB agency, visit

  • find “Keyword On Notified body number”, enter 4 digital numbers of the CE agency, click” search”
  • in the new page, click the agency name ,
  • find EU2016/425 (PPE) or 93/42/EEC(MDD). If find , then go to step 3. If don’t find, the certificate is useless.

Step 3.

  • Go to the agency website to verify the certificate number.

popular agency website as followings

  • CELAB: (input “UCN ” certificate #, enter email,search)
  • ECM: (input certificate #, verify)
  • ICR: (input”company name, certificate #” , search)
  • TUV Rheinland: (input certificate #)
  • BSI: (input”company name/ certificate #”)
  • ISET  (input”company name”)

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